S.T.E.P. Forward (Strategies To Economic Progress)
How the Program Works

Survival Skills for Men™ consists of a series of 10 workshop topics that have been carefully selected and tested to impart skills that promote successful life, family and employment relationships. The result is learning, behavioral change, increased self-respect, and decreased depression and helplessness.

The workshops utilize participatory learning experiences, group activities, role playing and extensive skill practice. Take-home action plans provide for the retention and transfer of skills learned in the workshops to the participant's daily life. Informal bonding, support, and the building of lasting friendships all serve to reinforce the participant's desire to improve his overall quality of life.

Learning is measured by a simple pre-test/post-test procedure for each workshop and the review of homework assignments ("action plans"). For each workshop, participants receive a workbook containing important information and activities to support the retention of new behaviors.

Each workshop series is conducted by a specially-trained facilitator who serves as a role model and guide. Facilitators work from a scripted manual and use prepared SSM materials.