W.E.- A.N.G.E.L.S.
(Women Experiencing Achieving New Goals & Envisioning Life's Successes)

How the Program Works

Survival Skills for Women™ consists of a series of 10 workshop topics that have been carefully selected and tested to impart the practical skills necessary for managing life and preparing for employment. For each workshop, participants receive a workbook containing important information and activities to support the retention of new behaviors. Activities emphasize self assessment, practice, peer-peer interaction, and group problem-solving.

Participants plan and discuss ways to use the new knowledge and skills outside the workshop, thus making real world application of what was learned. This may be as simple as reading food labels in the grocery store to determine fat content or as complex as pursuing a legal matter such as establishing child custody.

Learning is measured by a simple pre-test/post-test procedure for each workshop and the review of homework assignments, called "practice projects." Practice projects allow participants to document how the skills were practiced in their real world.
Each workshop series is conducted by a specially-trained facilitator who serves as a role model and guide. Facilitators work from a scripted manual and use prepared SSW materials.